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License No. : 24/00164

PROGRAMChiangmai City & Temple Tours


Morning  (8.30 am. - 12.00 am.)  Afternoon  (1.30 pm - 5.00 pm.)
HIGHLIGHTS are visiting 4 Main Temples in Chiangmai : Chiangmun Temple,Phrasing Temple,Chediluang Temple,SuanDok Temple

***Or Select 2 Temples and Local Market (Warorot Market)
The city tour provide for you as a half day tour so that you can choose for your convenience. We pick up you form the hotel take you to the 4 Main temple in the old city as the oldest temple is Chiangman temple where is a crystal Buddha image enshrine there and it was built in 1296. Then go to Phra Singh temple, it was built in 1334. Then go to Chidi Luang temple where is the big pagoda was broken by earthquake. Then we go to Suan Dok temple where there the numerous small chidis  that house remain of many generations of the old Chiangmai Royal Family. Return to the hotel.
Tour included:

- Entrance fee mention on tour
- Air- condition Transportation with insurance
- English speaking Guide with T.A.T License
- Drinking water


Price 850 THB (Join Group)


2 Pax

    3-4 Pax

    5-6 Pax

  7 Pax up





* Price is per person (THB) and Minimum 2 Pax


WAT CHEDI LUANG on Phra Pokklao Rd. is the site of a formerly massive pagoda that was unfortunately destroyed in the great earthquake of 1545. The temple was origainally constructed in 1401 by the order of King Saeng Muang Ma. In 1454, regning King Tilo-Garaj enlarged the chedi to a height of 86 meters.After the earthquake, the chedi lay in ruins 1991, when it was reconstructed at a cost of several million baht. The reconstructed chedi was  finished in 1992, and it is every bit as impressive as the original.



WAT PHRA SINGH is located in the center of the city at the intersection of Singharaj and Rajadamnern Rd.,The large chedi was built in 1345 by King Pha Yu to house the remains of his father King Kam Fu. A typical scripture repository is located at this temple as well. These repositories were designed to keep and protect sacred texts written on palm leaves and the delicate saa or mulberry paper sheets used by monks and scribes to  keep records and write down folklore. The high stucco covered stone base of the repository protected the delicate scriptures from the rains, floods and pests.

The wall of the chapel are covered with murals illustrating Lanna customs, dress, and scenes from daily life. The lovely Lai Kam chapel houses the revered Phra Singh Buddha image. Sadly, the head was stolen in 1992, and reproduction is now seen.




WAT SUAN DOK on Suthep Rd., was built in 1383. It was constructed in the gardens of the Lanna Royal Residence. The rows of smaller white chedies contain the ashes of Chiangmai???s Royal Lanna dynasty. The site was organized by Princess Chao Dararassmee, the only northern royal consort to Rama V, King Chulalongkorn




WAT CHIANGMAN is the oldest temple in Chiangmai. Is located within the walled city on Rajapakinai Rd., King Meng Rai allegedly lived here while the new city of Chiang Mai was constructed. Enshrined in Wat Chiangman is a tiny crystal Buddha called Phra Seh-Taang Kamanee. It is thought have the power to bring rain. Another image, called Phra Sila Khao, reflects the fine workmanship of Indain craftsmen from thousands of years ago





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