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License No. : 24/00164

PROGRAMDoi Suthep Temple & Hmong Hilltribe Village



Morning       8.00 am - 12.30 pm.    
Afternoon    13.00 pm. - 17.00  pm.


HIGHLIGHTS: Doi Suthep Temple,Hmong (Meo) Hilltribe village

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Doi Suthep Temple) is set amongst the peak of Doi Suthep. It has a lovely setting with a panoramic view of Chiangmai and the Mae Ping River valley. Although Wat Doi Suthep is the most recently built of the temples dating from the Lanna Thai period, it is the symbol of Chiangmai. The site was selected by sending an elephant to roam at will up the mountainside. When it reached this spot, it trumpeted, circled three times, and knelt down which was interpreted as a sign indicating an auspicious site.




Hmong: The Hmong or Meo is the group living in China, Vietnam, Burmar,Laos and Thailand. They call themselves Hmong and are separated into two major groups  "White Hmong" who call themselves Hmong Daw ad the Striped Hmong or Blue Hmong who call themselves Hmong Njua. They are linguistically classified as Sino-Tibatan.The Hmong give much importance to their New Year's celebration. When they worship their ancestral spirits each village holds their worship at different ties to accommodate other villages especially for the young to meet potential mates. The celebration lasts for two to three days in December. Each village will wear their native dress and engage in local games in the village center which outsiders are allowed to participate in.




Tour Included:

- Entrance fee mentions on tour
- Air conditioned Transportation with Insurance
- English speaking guide with T.A.T License
- Drinking water


Tour Excluded:

 - Personal expense


*** Please Dress Polite



 Price 550 THB (Join Group)


 2 Pax

3-4 Pax

5-6 Pax

7 Pax up





 * Price is per Person(THB)



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