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License No. : 24/00164
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PROGRAMKhantoke Dinner


Khantoke Dinner (7.30 pm. - 9.00 pm.)

Pick up 7.00 pm. -  7.15 pm

Enjoy a Traditional North Thailand Khantoke Dinner
Chiangmai, Thailand. For an excellent Thai dinning experience, a traditional Lanna Khantoke dinner is a must. Many believe this north Thailand dinner with music and dance was invented for tourists, but the Khantoke dinner dates back many centuries. Locals celebrate festivals and holidays in their homes with the Khantoke dinner today. Sitting down to a well-presented meal of good and delicious food is something most of us enjoy. Then there are those stand-up occasions where we mix and mingle with other guests and enjoy cocktails and finger foods. Finger foods? Eating with one's fingers? Considered as neither polite nor hygienic in some circles, eating with our fingers is as old as the human race. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, as we all do it perhaps without thinking.

Price 650THB/Person ( Effective from 1 Nov. 2015  until 31 October,2016)



*Transportation Included


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