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License No. : 24/00164
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PROGRAMMae Ping River Cruise


River Cruise on Mae Ping River, 2 hours Duration You can take a cruise on Ping River, two hours Leave the city behind and relax awhile, carried along the cool waters of the river Ping. Enjoy the ever - changing scene: resplendent teak houses, rural greenery and sunny - faced kids scrambling into the water with shouts of glee.Stop at a local farmer's house and see for yourself the cultivation of jasmine rice and a variety of herbs for use both in medicine and cookery.
Enjoy a snack of seasonal fresh fruit and savor the refreshing taste of lemon- grass and other herb juices

Kao Soi

You should not leave Chiangmai without tasting the local specialty, Kao Soi is a smooth, spicy, noodle curry soup. Prepared with fine ingredients, you will enjoy Kao Soi Bann Chao Na at Farmer House Landing - fresh yellow egg noodle, coconut milk straight from the shell and Baan Chao Na authentic chili paste, fresh ground to a special family recipe. 



River cruise (only sight seeing 2hrs.)


550THB   (Minimum 2 person) any time and Join Group


**This price until 31 October,2016




River Cruise with Kao Soi at  Farmer House Landing (2hrs)


650THB(Minimum 2 person) any time and Join Group


**This price until 31 October,2016




Dinner River Cruise (7.00pm. - 9.00pm)

 650THB (Minimum 2 person) and Join Group


 **This price until 31 October,2016



* Free transportation




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